The Coronation Double Century

Welcome to the digital home of the Coronation Double Century, South Africa’s premier endurance road cycling event.

Coronation Fund Managers, the Pedal Power Association and the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust can’t wait to welcome all cyclists, support drivers, friends and families to the Coronation Double Century taking place on 23 November in Swellendam.

It takes a certain type of person to tackle a race such as this, and we commend you on the hours and dedication you’ve put in to make it to the start line. To those who are doing the CDC for the first time (and the regulars) please keep it safe, before and during the event. As in previous years, conditions can be hazardous if the weather turns, and there will be roadworks again. You will find out more as you navigate our website, which should hopefully answer any questions you have about the event. If we have missed something, don’t hesitate to ask through one of our social media or direct contact channels.

10 Tips to Get Started on Your Cycling Journey

If you're like me, cycling is more than a hobby, or maybe you're a new rider just getting into it and looking for somewhere to start. Either way, here are some practical tips to get you ready for your trail.

1. Find a bike shop.

Finding a reputable bike shop can be a massive help when it comes to finding the right bike fit for you, or with repairs that can't be done in the garage. While shopping on Takealot and Amazon
 is a perfectly viable option for getting all your accessories for your bikes, a benefit of having a local shop is that when picking out your grips, pedals, gloves, helmet, etc., you can see how they feel and fit before buying them. 

2. Get the right kit.

Speaking of gloves and helmets, it's very important to make sure you are kitted out with all the right gear. A must have is a good handy tool; it doesn't have to be big, just something that can neatly fit in your pocket while you're riding for when you need it. And you will need it.

One more thing to have is padded shorts. When you're riding you need your full attention on the road or trail ahead so constantly having to reposition yourself on your seat is definitely not a good thing. Padded shorts will take that distraction away.

3. Familiarize yourself with your bike.

Yes, that means you have to read the manual. You probably know the most basic things like how a tire works, but it's important to have a full understanding of how your bicycle's system works. There's a lot to cover on that subject, so do your research.

4. Maintain your bike.

Maintenance can save you a lot of money when things start to break, so keep the oil on the chains fresh and always keep your tires at the right air pressure. Always keep your bike clean, make sure to clean it after every ride and don't use a pressure washer to clean the dirt off: that'll push the dirt or gravel into your bike and scratch the paint and frame. Rather, use a bike brush or any soft bristle brush and always use clean water.

5. Learn to do repairs on the fly.

First things first, fixing a flat. This is where the handy tool comes in. Try practicing at home first by removing the entire wheel and use your multitool's end that curves up (the spoon) to gently take off the treads and remove the tube form inside. It's always good practice to use a cloth to wipe the inside of your treads to make sure there's nothing left that can puncture your new tube. Once you've slightly inflated your fresh tube, put it inside the rim and, with your fingers, gently put the treads back into place. When you get to the last bit, use your palms to roll them into place. 

6. Get comfortable on your bike.

Practice makes perfect, so start slow and make your way up. It's no help to start on a massive endurance race or expert trail when you're only a beginner. Try training on quiet roads or beginner trails so you can get used to how it feels. Speed isn't everything!

The more you train the better you'll get, your energy will increase, your balance will get better, maybe you'll even learn how to do some tricks. So, start easy and make it your goal to ride 45 minutes five times a week; when you're ready make it an hour. 

7. Have a cycling routine.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Having a schedule is important because it helps you to see the progress you've made and keeps you motivated. 

A healthy routine doesn't just involve cycling, you should have an eating routine. Make sure to get the right number of calories and before a long ride stack up on carbs. Most importantly, you need to hydrate. Yes, hydration is essential if you're going to cycle, so get your own water bottle and keep yourself hydrated. Get a funky looking one for style points.

8. Find a biking group.

A group of fellow cyclists can be really fun to ride with, but if you are more of a solo, lone wolf type, get into a media group anyways because having like-minded people to share your experiences and accomplishments with can be very encouraging. They can also share advice and their knowledge and experiences, perhaps they know of the perfect place and time to go cycling. They might have really cool bikes too.

9. Don't wear earphones when riding.

Like I mentioned earlier, you need your full attention when you're riding, so don't block your ears in any way. While the idea of listening to your favourite song while riding seems epic, it's really dangerous, like texting and driving. You might not hear cars behind you or other riders. Keep your senses!

10. Remember to be safe on the trail.

Always obey park rules and traffic laws because your life is more important than feeling cool. Always use hand signals while turning. Bicycling can be really fun and it can relieve a lot of stress as long as you stay safe. 

Can’t wait to share the road with you.

That's it, you're ready to start your adventure!


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