Before The Race

Coronation Double Century race day is a busy affair, as 3 000 cyclists and their faithful handlangers, descend on a dark, sleepy Swellendam. Let us smooth the process with everything you need to know to get from registration to your start chute.

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Update all your details on your profile to ensure you receive all the latest 2018 CDC info!

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Route Information

Route profile, latest route conditions, cut-off points, refreshment and feeding stations...

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Race Pack And Number Collection

Where, when and how to register for the event and what you need to bring along with you...

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Bike Transport

How to get your bike to the event, who to contact and where to collect it.

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Looking for a Team Member or Need to Create Team?

Let us help, click here for our Noticeboard where you can fill your roster, or find a squad that needs to fill theirs. Team captains can advertise available slots as they become available closer to the event, but before 1 November 2018.

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Team Categories

Team Categories

Where does your team fit in? And what is the Charles Milner Medal?

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Training Tips

It is never too late to prepare for the Coronation Double Century. We can help.

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