Cut-off Times and Sweep Vehicles

Cyclists are required to reach the Coronation Double Century finish line in Swellendam by 16:30. Cut-offs will also be implemented along the route. A sweep vehicle will indicate the rolling closure of the course. The rolling road closure is calculated from the time the last team crosses the start line. Any cyclist found on the route after the cut-off time, will face disqualification.

Cut-off Times

Sweep Options

Cyclists unable to continue the race at the two team support zones (in Ashton and Bonnievale) should board their own team support vehicle. Cyclists unable to complete the race elsewhere on the route should call the VOC to report that they need a sweep vehicle which will transport them to the Swellendam Showgrounds. Please note that this will not be a quick process, as the sweep vehicles will not come directly to you, but will pick you up as they patrol the route and collect other stricken riders. Find a shady spot and relax while you wait, and cheer on the brave souls still soldiering on.

Support Team Information

Your back-up crew is vital, but also has some rules to follow.

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